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A smooth flavor with warming spice, The Stars blend is part of our Cosmic Tea series. Inspired by the constellations of the night sky, this blend brings the energies of the ever alluring cosmos. Brew yourself a bedtime cup and connect with the ancient wisdoms of stars.


Ingredients: damiana, lavender, star anise


A few health benefits…

  • Relieves anxiety/tension

  • Promotes healthy sleep

  • Clears mental clutter

  • Aphrodisiac 


Instructions: Cover and steep in hot water for 15 minutes. For iced tea, steep in hot water, then allow it to cool in the refrigerator.


Recommended serving size: 2 teaspoons of herbs per cup


Refills: When ordering a refill, your tea will come in a sealed paper bag. Transfer the tea from this baggie into the tea tin from your original purchase. Tea should be kept in airtight, tin containers in order to keep a fresh, long shelf life.

The Stars

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