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 Free Herbal Consultations 

Natural herbal remedies can be used to aid us in numerous areas of our lives. From our physical, to emotional, to spiritual health, plants contain multidimensional healing tools.

An herbal consultation with Doliah, the herbalist of Heart & Kettle, uses a holistic health approach, looking at the root of your ailments and how to promote long term healing using the earth's natural resources. This is different from Western medicine's approach, where often people are treated via symptoms, providing a temporary band aid, but no long term relief.

Whether you're looking for advice on which of Heart & Kettle's pre-made blends are best for you, or if you'd like to form a custom blend of your own, Doliah is eager and willing to work with and educate all those in her community.

Working with plants and their medicines is an ancestral birthright. Reach out today to see if the herbal path is right for you!

A few things herbal remedies can aid us in: anxiety, depression, irregular sleep, digestive issues, migraines/headaches, cold & flu symptoms, menstrual irregularities, blood circulation, respiratory infections...and much more!

Additional Information:

Custom tea blend prices are as follows--

Small Tin -- $12.50 (refill $10 )

Large Tin -- $22 (refill $18 )

Disclaimer---Herbal consults are for educational purposes only. The information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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