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The heart behind Heart & Kettle...


Who we are...


Heart & Kettle is a Native woman-owned small business based in the Catskills of New York. We craft small batch, handmade herbal products using all organic, ethically foraged or farmed plant materials. Each of our unique offerings hold the intention to nourish and balance the body, mind, and spirit, while bringing you back into connection with the Earth around us.

What we stand for...


Heart & Kettle was founded with three goals in mind:


1. Reconnection to our relationship with the earth.

2. Ethical and respectful treatment of the Plants

3. Financial accessibility to quality products.


It is time to recenter and reconnect to our bodies, to the Earth, to our spirit. Doliah Francis, the founder and herbalist of Heart & Kettle, seeks to be a trustworthy and environmentally conscious community source for whole body wellness. Whether you’re looking to expand your natural health needs, or simply want a tasty tea to sip on, all your flavorful needs can be found in Heart & Kettle’s apothecary.


Stay connected through our Instagram and Facebook @heartandkettle, where we post our latest offerings, as well as share earth based wisdoms and conscious living.


Living through the heart's center...


Healing, authentic living, and compassionate understanding are all pillars Doliah lives by. Doliah draws from her ancestry and deep kinship with the land to craft plant medicines, provide informational holistic health consultations, and offer private tarot readings. Centered in ones heart and dropping into our roots, working with the Plants allows us to heal our physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies through the holistic use of plant medicine.


With any questions regarding herbal products and their benefits (spiritual or physical), sample boxes, seasonal offerings, or free herbal consultations—do not hesitate to contact us!



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