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These amulets are meant to remind us of the constant push and pull of universal forces—and how to stay balanced and in harmony within it all. This cosmic dance of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine is classically shown as the Yin and Yang symbol, or as two koi fish dancing, or the sun and the moon…the list goes on. Wear this amulet as a reminder that we all hold each of these opposing energies inside of us, and to set the intention to walk in grace and balance when navigating through our day to day routines.


These are handmade, making each one unique to its wearer. The amulet is crafted with intention during meditation, fusing the intended energies into the clay. Each amulet is then hung in the sunlight and moonlight in order to soak in energies of our planets, cleansed and blessed with smoke from holy herbs, and finally prayed over to charge it one last time before being sent out to its wearer!


Each amulet comes with an informational card explaining its correlated energies.

Marbled Cosmos

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