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This tea is part of our Elemental series, invoking the joyful spirit of Air. Air is a playful, free spirit, always curious and always moving. Set an intention and call upon this spirit when you seek to lighten the heart and bring more playfulness into your day.


Ingredients: lavender, jasmine, dandelion root


A few health benefits…

  • Reduces anxiety/stress

  • Promotes healthy sleep

  • Reduces bodily pain/tension

  • Boosts mood


Instructions: Cover and steep in hot water for 15 minutes. For iced tea, steep in hot water, then allow it to cool in the refrigerator.


Recommended serving size: 2 teaspoons of herbs per cup


Refills: When ordering a refill, your tea will come in a sealed paper bag. Transfer the tea from this baggie into the tea tin from your original purchase. Tea should be kept in airtight, tin containers in order to keep a fresh, long shelf life.


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