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Personalized holistic healing...

This session allows you to receive one on one intuitive guidance, a personalized power amulet, and a tea blend dedicated to your specific healing purpose. Consultations can be done in person or over video call.

It begins with a 30 minute discussion about what energies you are looking to bring into your life, or what aspects you are looking to heal, both physically and spiritually. During this discussion, I will be channeling your guides and angels, allowing me to see which healing modalities they are calling for you to seek out. I will recommend certain plant medicines (teas, oils, tinctures, foods), healing sound frequencies, healing colors to surround yourself with, as well as talk about which chakras are at the center of this healing.

After the 30 minute discussion, I sit in meditation and begin transmuting energies into a personalized amulet for you. These intended healing energies will be kneaded into the clay, prayed over, blessed through herbal smokes, and soaked in sunlight and moonlight. Your amulet will be visually unique to you, and it will hold the healing colors needed in your life to balance specific chakras. It is uniquely crafted for your energy, and it will hold in it the healing and invigorating energies that you call for at this time.

Lastly, you will receive my own herbal tea blend, again for what is at the focus of your healing path. This medicinal tea should be taken as directed during our consultation. Sitting with the plant spirits and opening to their healing essences is a powerful and sacred path to healing your energetic body.

To book a session, please email me at


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